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Do you have a dartboard or other board game that you love to play but find it challenging to keep track of your scores?

If so, check out our range of dartboards and surrounds to help you keep track of your scores and improve your game. We have a variety of boards in different shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your game.

What is a dartboard?

A dartboard is an integral part of the game of darts. It is rectangular, with a series of bull’s eyes at regular intervals along its length. The dartboard hangs from the ceiling, and players stand on platforms at each end, throwing darts at the board.

Types of dartboards

There are three main types of dartboards- solid, modular, and themed.
Solid dartboards are the most basic type and consist of a single piece of wood with a playing surface. Modular dartboards have several smaller amounts that can be rearranged to create any custom configuration you desire. Themed dartboards are made to look like specific locations or objects, such as a space shuttle or car.
Several materials can be used to make a dartboard, including wood, acrylic, and metal. The material choice is ultimately up to you, as each has its unique benefits and drawbacks.
Metal is the most expensive option but also the strongest and most durable. Wood is the classic option for a Dartboard because it’s affordable and easy to work with.
However, wood is also hefty and can’t handle the weight of metal dart boards very well. Acrylic is a popular option because it’s lightweight but durable. It also doesn’t absorb moisture well, so it’s resistant to decay.
Whatever type of dartboard you choose, be sure to take the time to properly adjust the height and tilt of the board to get the perfect playing experience.

centaur 12 pack steel tip darts professional 22 grams and 24 grams metal dart set with 4 colors premium aluminum shafts

Centaur 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts Review

Elevate your dart game with Centaur 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts! Professional set for all skill levels. Improve accuracy and precision now!
steel tip darts set professional darts steel tip for dartboard includes brass barrels plastic aluminum shafts rubber ori 3

Steel Tip Darts Set Review

Elevate your dart game with our Steel Tip Darts Set - Professional Darts Steel Tip for Dartboard. Find out all the amazing features and benefits in our review!
doloowee 14 pcs double sided magnetic kids dart board set large size boys toys dartboards with 12 darts indoor outdoor p 1

Doloowee Magnetic Dart Board Set Review

Looking for a fun and engaging toy? Check out the Doloowee Magnetic Dart Board Set! Safe, strong magnetic adsorption, and two counting methods. Improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Perfect gift for kids aged 3-12. Say goodbye to screens and hello to endless fun!
soft tip darts set 12 pc bar darts 50 extra black 2ba tips 3 of each color fun darts for 4 players on electronicplastic 1 2

Soft Tip Darts Set Review

Upgrade your dart game with the Soft Tip Darts Set! Perfect for all skill levels, this package includes high-quality darts and 50 replacement tips. Split into four teams for more fun!
accudart 50 pack replacement soft tips 20 black 15 red 15 white fully customizable designed for electronic dartboards

Accudart 50 Pack Replacement Soft Tips Review

Looking for a game-changer in your dart game? Check out the Accudart 50 Pack Replacement Soft Tips. Fully customizable and designed for electronic dartboards. Improve your performance today!
viper by gld products viper shadow buster dartboard cabinet mounted display light 4

Viper Shadow Buster Dartboard Cabinet Mounted Display Light Review

Enhance your darting experience with the Viper Shadow Buster Dartboard Cabinet Mounted Display Light. Enjoy clear and crisp visibility with adjustable LED light pods. Easy installation and long-lasting performance. Elevate your darting greatness.
arachnid cricket pro 650 tournament quality electronic dartboard with micro thin segment dividers for dramatically reduc 4

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Dartboard Review

Are you tired of old dartboards? Elevate your darts game with the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Dartboard. Improved durability, accurate gameplay, and voice prompts. Perfect for friendly competitions and tournaments.
soft tip darts for electronic dartboard plastic point dart with standard dart flights 18 darts 4

Soft Tip Darts Review

Get ready to take your dart game to new heights with these exceptional soft tip darts! Designed for optimal performance and precision, these darts feature skid-proof knurling dart barrels, replaceable shafts and flights, and a standard screw thread. Suitable for all skill levels.
hovebeaty dart board dart game set with 6 metal darts and double sided flocking dartboard 18 inches 2

HoveBeaty Dart Board Review

Looking for a dart board that offers double the fun and double the quality? Look no further than the HoveBeaty Dart Board. Enjoy traditional or target bullseye dart games with high-quality flocking and 6 professional metal darts. Built to last with galvanized steel wiring.
winmau printed 2

Winmau Printed Dartboard Surround Review

Elevate your dart game with the Winmau Printed Dartboard Surround. Stylish, durable, and easy to install. Protects walls while adding a touch of style. Enhance your darting experience!
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