dartboard lights for visibility and safety 1
dartboard lights for visibility and safety 1

Imagine playing a game of darts with your friends, the laughter and friendly competition filling the room. But as the sun sets and the room darkens, it becomes harder to see the target.

That’s where dartboard lights come into play, illuminating the board and ensuring visibility and safety. These innovative lights not only enhance your gaming experience but also prevent any accidental injuries. Say goodbye to squinting in the dim light and hello to a well-lit dartboard that keeps the fun going all night long.

Dartboard Lights For Visibility And Safety

Types of Dartboard Lights

When choosing the right dartboard lights, there are generally two main types to consider: traditional and LED lighting systems. Both options have their unique benefits and characteristics that can enhance your dartboard playing experience. Let’s take a closer look at each type.

Traditional Lighting Systems

Traditional dartboard lighting systems have been around for quite some time and are still widely used today. These systems use various lights around the dartboard to provide illumination. Here are a few examples of traditional lighting systems:

Overhead Lights

Overhead lights are perhaps the most common type of traditional dartboard lighting. These lights are typically mounted above the dartboard and emit light evenly distributed across the playing area. They provide a good amount of visibility, making it easier to see the dartboard and the darts as they are thrown.

Vertical Lights

Vertical lights are another option for traditional dartboard lighting. These lights are positioned vertically on either side of the dartboard, casting light across the board. While they may not provide as much coverage as overhead lights, they can still effectively illuminate the dartboard and make it easier to see.

Ring Lights

Ring lights consist of a circular fixture mounted around the dartboard. These lights provide focused illumination directly on the dartboard, making it easier to see the scoring areas. Ring lights are often adjustable, allowing you to position the light at the desired angle for optimal visibility.

LED Lighting Systems

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry, and it has also made its way to dartboard lights. LED lighting systems offer several advantages over traditional lighting systems. Here are a few examples of LED dartboard lighting options:

Light Strips

Light strips are flexible strips that contain a series of LED lights. These strips can be easily mounted around the perimeter of the dartboard, providing even and bright illumination. LED light strips are energy-efficient and can be customized to different colors, allowing you to create a unique ambiance while playing darts.

Light Rings

Like ring lights in traditional systems, LED light rings are circular fixtures that encircle the dartboard. These rings emit bright, focused light directly on the dartboard, ensuring excellent visibility of the scoring areas. LED light rings are typically adjustable for different angles and can be programmed to display various lighting effects.

Light Panels

LED light panels are thin, flat fixtures mounted directly above the dartboard. These panels offer uniform illumination across the playing area, making it easy to see each scoring section. LED light panels are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and can be controlled remotely to adjust brightness levels.

Benefits of Dartboard Lights

Whether you choose a traditional or LED lighting system, using dartboard lights offers numerous benefits. Let’s explore some of the advantages that dartboard lights provide.

Improved Visibility

One of the primary reasons people invest in dartboard lights is to improve visibility. Playing darts in a well-lit environment makes it much easier to see the dartboard, the scoring areas, and the darts themselves. Whether playing in a dimly lit basement or a brightly-lit game room, proper illumination ensures you can accurately aim and score points.

Enhanced Safety

Dartboard lights also contribute to enhanced safety during gameplay. Proper lighting lets you see the surroundings clearly and avoid any potential hazards around the dartboard area. This is especially important if you have children or pets in your home, as you want to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries when playing darts.

Accurate Gameplay

Good lighting is essential for a fair and accurate game of darts. When the dartboard is well-lit, you can easily differentiate between the different scoring sections, such as the triple ring, double ring, and bullseye. This allows you to accurately aim for the desired target and score points accordingly. Dartboard lights eliminate any guesswork due to poor illumination and ensure that your game is fair and accurate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Dartboard Lights

Before you decide on the type of dartboard lights to purchase, there are several factors you should consider. These factors will help you determine the lighting system most suits your needs and preferences.


The brightness of the dartboard lights is crucial for optimal visibility. You want bright lights to illuminate the entire dartboard without causing glare or shadows. LED lighting systems generally offer brighter illumination compared to traditional systems. Consider the lumen output and adjustability of the lights to find the right balance between brightness and comfort.


Dartboard lights need to withstand the rigors of regular gameplay. Look for durable lights that can withstand accidental hits from stray darts. LED lights are often more durable than traditional lights, as they are less prone to breaking or burning out. Additionally, check if the lights are resistant to moisture or humidity, especially if you plan to install them in a basement or garage.


Consider how straightforward or complex the installation process is for the dartboard lights. LED light strips or rings are typically easier to install, as they often come with adhesive backing or mounting brackets. Traditional lighting systems may require more complicated wiring and mounting, which could involve the help of an electrician. Choose a lighting system that suits your DIY skills and the resources available.

Customization Options

If you want to add a personal touch to your dartboard area, consider the customization options with different lighting systems. LED lights often offer the ability to change colors, adjust brightness levels, and even program lighting effects. This allows you to create a unique, immersive playing environment that matches your style and preferences.

Traditional Lighting Systems

Now that we’ve explored the types of dartboard lights and the factors to consider let’s dive into the specifics of traditional lighting systems. Traditional dartboard lights have been used for decades and offer their own set of advantages and variations.

Overhead Lights

Overhead lights are a classic choice for dartboard lighting. These lights are typically mounted directly above the dartboard, providing uniform illumination across the playing surface. Overhead lights can be ceiling-mounted or suspended from a structure above the dartboard area. They provide excellent visibility and are suitable for various playing environments.

Vertical Lights

Vertical lights are an alternative to overhead lights that can provide similar illumination. These lights are positioned vertically on either side of the dartboard, essentially flanking. Depending on the desired brightness and coverage, vertical lights may consist of one or multiple light fixtures.

Ring Lights

Ring lights are another type of traditional dartboard lighting that can provide focused illumination. These lights consist of a circular fixture mounted around the dartboard, with the light focused inward towards the playing area. Ring lights are often adjustable, allowing you to position the light at the desired angle to minimize shadows.

LED Lighting Systems

LED lighting systems have gained popularity recently due to their energy efficiency and versatility. LED lights offer several advantages over traditional lighting systems, making them a compelling choice for dartboard enthusiasts.

Light Strips

LED light strips are flexible and contain a series of small LED lights. These strips come in various lengths and can be easily mounted around the perimeter of the dartboard. LED light strips provide even bright illumination, ensuring the entire dartboard surface is well-lit. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and often offer the ability to change colors.

Light Rings

Like ring lights in traditional systems, LED light rings provide focused illumination directly on the dartboard. These circular fixtures encircle the dartboard and emit bright, targeted light onto the playing surface. LED light rings are typically adjustable, allowing you to position the light at the desired angle for optimal visibility. Some LED light rings also offer the ability to create lighting effects or change colors.

Light Panels

LED light panels are thin, flat fixtures mounted directly above the dartboard. These panels offer uniform illumination across the playing area, eliminating shadows or dark spots. LED light panels are energy-efficient, producing bright light while consuming minimal electricity. They are often controllable using remote controls or smartphone apps, allowing you to adjust brightness levels and even change colors.

Choosing the Right Type of Dartboard Light

Choosing the correct dartboard light depends on personal preference, playing environment, and budget.

Personal Preference

Consider your personal preferences when it comes to dartboard lights. Do you prioritize brightness and uniform illumination, or do you want the ability to customize the colors and lighting effects? Traditional lighting systems offer a tried-and-true approach, while LED lighting systems provide more versatility and control. Think about what features are important to you and choose accordingly.

Playing Environment

Consider the specific playing environment where the dartboard lights will be installed. Consider factors such as ceiling height, available space around the dartboard, and potential obstacles or obstructions. LED light strips or rings are often more suitable for spaces with limited ceiling height, while overhead lights or light panels may better-fit rooms with higher ceilings.


Lastly, consider your budget when choosing dartboard lights. Traditional lighting systems generally tend to be more affordable upfront but may consume more energy in the long run. LED lighting systems may require a slightly higher initial investment but are more energy-efficient and have longer lifespans. Evaluate your budget and weigh the cost-saving benefits of LED lights against your initial expenditure.

Installation Tips for Dartboard Lights

Once you’ve chosen the correct type of dartboard lights, it’s essential to ensure proper installation for optimal performance and safety. Here are some installation tips to consider:

Proper Mounting Heights

Before installing the lights, determine the proper mounting height for your chosen lighting system. The height will depend on the specific lights you’re using and the regulations or recommendations from the manufacturer. Generally, the center of the bullseye should be at eye level for the player. Take measurements and adjust the mounting height accordingly for comfortable gameplay.

Wiring Considerations

If you’re installing a traditional lighting system that requires wiring, following electrical safety guidelines and considering any local regulations is essential. If you’re unfamiliar with electrical work, hiring a professional electrician to handle the installation may be best. Use appropriate wiring methods, such as conduit, and ensure all connections are secure and properly insulated.

Positioning for Uniform Illumination

Regardless of your chosen lighting system, aim for uniform illumination across the dartboard surface. This will minimize shadows and provide consistent visibility. If using multiple lights, consider the position and angle of each light to ensure even coverage. Test the lighting setup before finalizing the installation to ensure that the entire dartboard is well-lit, and there are no glaring or dimly lit areas.

Maintenance and Safety

Proper maintenance and safety precautions are essential to keep your dartboard lights in good condition and prevent accidents. Here are some tips to follow:

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean the lights to remove dust, dirt, or debris accumulating over time. Use a soft cloth or a gentle cleaning to wipe down the light fixtures. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the lights. Regular cleaning will maintain the appearance of the lights and ensure that they continue to provide optimal illumination.

Electrical Safety Precautions

If you’re dealing with electrical components and wiring, always prioritize safety. When installing or maintaining dartboard lights, ensure the power source is turned off to avoid electrical shocks. If you’re unsure about any electrical work, consult a professional electrician who can ensure that everything is installed correctly and safely.

Popular Dartboard Light Brands

You’ll find various brands offering different models and options when searching for dartboard lights. Here are a few popular dartboard light brands to consider:

Target Darts

Target Darts is a well-known brand in the darting world, offering a range of dartboard lights. Their lights are designed with a focus on durability, brightness, and ease of installation. Target Darts’ lighting systems come in different styles to cater to different preferences and budgets.


Winmau is another reputable brand known for its quality dart products. They offer dartboard lights that provide excellent visibility, focusing on uniform illumination and durability. Winmau’s lights are designed to enhance the playing experience and create a well-lit environment conducive to accurate gameplay.


Viper is a brand specializing in all things darts, including dartboard lights. Their lights are designed to offer bright, focused illumination that effectively highlights the dartboard and scoring sections. Viper’s lighting systems often feature LED technology, providing energy-efficient and customizable lighting options.


When it comes to dartboard lights, there are several options, each with its own set of advantages and considerations. Traditional lighting systems offer tried-and-true methods, while LED lighting systems provide versatility and control. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your preferences, playing environment, and budget.

Regardless of your chosen lighting system, dartboard lights offer improved visibility, enhanced safety, and accurate gameplay. Ensure proper installation, follow maintenance guidelines, and prioritize electrical safety for optimal performance and longevity.

Consider popular dartboard light brands such as Target Darts, Winmau, and Viper, as they offer reliable and high-quality options to suit different needs.

Investing in dartboard lights is a great way to enhance your dart-playing experience and create an inviting and well-lit environment for casual and competitive games. So, get ready to aim for that bullseye with confidence and clarity with the help of dartboard lights!

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Q: What are dartboard lights, and why are they important?

A: Dartboard lights are lighting systems designed to provide visibility and safety while playing darts. They must ensure players can see the dartboard clearly and avoid accidents.

Q: What is Viper Shadow Buster Dartboard?

A: Viper Shadow Buster Dartboard is a specific dartboard lighting system that provides consistent light, reducing shadows and glare for enhanced visibility and accuracy.

Q: How does the Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System work?

A: The Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System utilizes LED lights to surround the dartboard, providing uniform and bright illumination for optimal visibility and reducing shadows on the board.

Q: What are the benefits of using LED dartboard lights?

A: LED dartboard lights offer energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination, providing consistent and clear visibility of the dartboard without causing excessive heat or glare.

Q: What is a dartboard surround, and how does it enhance safety?

A: A dartboard surround is an accessory that encases the dartboard, protecting the surrounding area from stray darts and enhancing safety by minimizing the risk of damage to walls and other surfaces.

Q: How do you install a dartboard lighting system in a cabinet set?

A: Installing a dartboard lighting system in a cabinet set involves mounting the lights above the dartboard in the cabinet, ensuring that the illumination covers the entire playing area for improved visibility.

Q: Are the Viper Shadow Buster Dartboard lights battery-operated?

A: Yes, the Viper Shadow Buster Dartboard lights are battery-operated, offering convenient and flexible installation without a direct plug-in power source.

Q: Can the dartboard lights be used with steel tip darts?

A: Yes, dartboard lights can be used with steel tip darts without any interference, as the lighting system is designed to provide consistent and shadow-free illumination regardless of the type of darts used.

Q: Where can I find customer reviews for dartboard lights and accessories?

A: Customer reviews for dartboard lights and accessories can be found on reputable online platforms such as Amazon.com and Darts.com, offering valuable insights and feedback from other users.

Q: Do dartboard lighting systems come with free shipping?

A: Some dartboard lighting systems may come with free shipping depending on the manufacturer or supplier. It’s recommended to check the product’s details for information on shipping options and costs.

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