Best Dart Scoreboards Review And Buying Guide
Best Dart Scoreboards Review And Buying Guide

Darts are an enjoyable indoor sport, especially in cold weather, that is engaging for both novice and experienced players. Among the apparent necessities, apart from darts and a target, we also require a scoreboard to keep track of.

To this extent,t we ought to familiarize ourselves with types of purchasable scoreboards. The chalk scoreboard functions like the school’s blackboard; ensure you have a sponge and some chalk pieces if you opt for this one.

However, waiting for the board to dry between games. Is the downside? This issue isn’t present with an adry-erase scoreboard, which allows you to use markers to draw while clearing them, which is merely a matter of friction. However,h it does increase the possibility of marker stains in your household.

The third option is the digital scoreboards. These come with options but are versatile overall in games and details they can represent.

The number of options on some of the best-rated ones encompasses most games that are playable with darts. An obvious drawback is that they require batteries to function. Games one can play with darts include 301,501,

Overs, Unders,21 points, and, of course, e-cricket with all its subtypes, such as no-score cricket. The following article will help you organize your scoring with a dart scoreboard of your own.


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Quick Glance on Dart Scorer


Best Dart Scoreboards Affordable On The Market

Viper Illumiscore See-Through Illuminated Dry Erase Dart Scoreboard

Viper Illumiscore See-Through Illuminated Dry Erase Dart Scoreboard

First on our list is a light-up scoreboard from Viper. The item is side-lit for better clarity and comes pre-packaged with two grease pencils.

Its smooth surface is easy to write on and erase scores; any cloth will do. You needn’t worry about scores getting smudged,d as the scoreboard provides smudge-free scoring.

The light makes it rather stylish, giving the surface a certain neon vibe when drawn on. The great thing about it is that even under extreme sunlight, the colors remain visible, making this scoreboard viable for outdoor usage. The light requires batteries, however, or an external power supply.

These energy sources have to be obtained separately, leaving you with a pick of 4 AA batteries or a power supply adapter. In terms of games, the scoreboard is intended for cricket and 01. The item also has a significant warranty of a whole year of coverage.



  • Smudge-free scoring
  • Works well even in bright sunlight
  • stylish supports both cricket and 01


  • No batteries or power adapter included

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Viper White Dry Erase Scoreboard

Viper Dry Erase Scoreboard

Another Viper model comes in large and small sizes. The large option has dimensions of 23.5 inches in height and 15.5 inches in width, while the small one’s height is 15.375 inches and 7.875 inches in width. The scoreboard tracks cricket and 01 as far as available games are concerned.

You’ll get a dry eraser marker, an eraser tip, and the board itself. The scoreboard is a wall mount, and with its choice of sizes, you can easily fit it on a wall, wooden post, cabinet, and any other surface accommodating your chosen size.

The smaller one is perfect for those who don’t have enough place in their household to dedicate to the scoreboard, and the bigger one is great for those with a more extensive area to post it up on, as it makes it easier to discern scores. Mounting hardware itself is included in the package, too.

This will make setting it up much easier, and you won’t need too much effort to start playing the game.


  • Multiple size options
  • Markers included
  • Easy mounting



  • Smudges the markers

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Viper Chalk Scoreboard

Viper Chalk Scoreboard

Like the dry-erase scoreboard we reviewed above, there are two sizes to pick from with the exact dimensions. The wood ledge attached to the scoreboard allows you to store chalk and sponge for easy access. Chalk, sponge, and mounting hardware are included in the package as well.

With this, you are set for a quick start to your dart game, no matter which one you choose to play. Additional scoring options beyond standard cricket allow for a more extensive choice of fun, such as multiple variations of cricket.

Classic green board style is an excellent stylistic addition to an already decent scoreboard.

Season it first by rubbing chalk all over it because it doesn’t stick. Overall, it is an excellent classic choice of dart scoreboard.


  • Simple design
  • Wood ledge for accessories
  • Chalk and sponges included


  • Chalk initially doesn’t stick as well, but it is fixed with prolonged use.

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Trademark Gameroom Dry Erase Cricket Scoreboard

Dry Erase Dartboard Scoreboard

The durability is a significant aspect of this board. The plastic build makes this scoreboard a fruitful option from the start. Its frame is stylish dark brown, making the scoreboard a nice decoration. The structure is smaller with its measurements, making it potent for smaller rooms.

Mounting it on the wall is also relatively easy as it has two mounting accessories for putting it up. While Cricket and 01 are playable with this board, the cricket variants will require altering the board as it misses some necessary spots for those games.

The issue that you may have with the item is that letters come off after some time.


  • Stylish frame
  • Easy mount hardware



  • Letters come off from the board
  • Less game versatility

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Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer

Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer

This digital scoreboard option is packed with exciting games to play. The scoreboard offers 40 games, from regular cricket to 21 points. The backlit LCD monitor is easy to see even from the throw line and is excellent for quick reference during the game.

This board allows up to 8 players to partake, and the number of players can be altered through the keyboard. All combinations included, you have 655 game options, custom handicaps included. This model accounts for energy conservation as it has auto-off and sleep modes.

The item is powered with 3 AA  batteries, which are not included in the package. One of these game options is to play against the computer, making it a viable option to get some practice in when you’ve nobody available to play with you.

Viper’s ProScore will provide many games to have fun with. The instructions on how to turn on specific games are listed on it, making it quick to reference. Additionally, the soft keypad allows for precise and easy operation, so you won’t have to hassle yourself much to configure the board to the preferred setting.

A digital scoreboard like this provides all you could need from a scoreboard.



  • 40 games
  • Power saving options
  • High screen clarity
  • A significant number of options



  • It comes with no batteries.

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Viper DigiScore Digital Dart Scorer

Viper DigiScore Digital Dart Scorer

Helping you get around the messy chalk option of chalk scoreboard and offering quite a versatility in games you can play, with a digital scoreboard standard of 40 games, the DigiScore is a rather attractive digital option. With an easy-mount setup, it won’t take too long to get into the game.

DigiScore is very easy to operate and configure for maximum enjoyment. It comes with the auto-off mode for power preservation and the sleep mode so that those batteries will last a long time. Standard AA batteries, being their power source, are also handy as you only need 3 to keep it running.

Along with the one to eight-player modes, you can play against the computer.

However, its small screen makes checking the score from the throw line harder. It is not much of a drawback, all things considered, and won’t impede too much on your enjoyment.


  • A vast number of options
  • 40 games
  • Standard power supply
  • Auto-off mode



  • Small screen

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Online Dart Scoreboard vs. Offline Dart Scoreboard

Nowadays, with many easily transportable digital devices, we are given another way of doing scoreboards. There are various free apps on iOS and Android that one can download and use instead of a physical board or even open a scoreboard in a browser. These apps require a short time to set up with a simple download and install on your device unless you use browser-based ones, which you needn’t even install.

However, issues with online options are plentiful, whether in an app or a browser—the necessity to recharge your device is the first.

Chalk and dry-erase have no issues as they have no electrical components.

However, even digital scoreboards have the upper hand over devices because their batteries last exponentially longer, many staying for hundreds of hours. You would also need a direct power supply option, which can be a hassle.

Frequent app ads are another bugbear of online scoreboards that can impede your fun when you suddenly have to close an app while inputting a new score.

Unless you are taking your laptop around, your screen will be relatively small by comparison and doesn’t allow for good enough clarity; even smaller digital screens are more apparent than other portable devices. Offline ones have essential dimensions for this not to be an issue.

The last problem is that most maps contain fewer game options, making you spend too much time searching for relevant online scoreboards and not as much time playing.

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Custom Dart Scoreboard

Suppose you are a DIY type. You could make your own. There’s a variety of ways to do so. The easiest way is with a blackboard or a whiteboard,  paint pens, and stencils. In this way, you can make chalk and dry-erase boards quickly.

The other easily cleanable materials are also excellent for DIY panels, specifically dry-erase ones; glass is another example. Glass boards may run into an issue of smudging depending on the type of glass you use, so be wary of your picks and make sure markers stick to it.

If you aren’t DIY savvy or want to buy a board instead, we have a few great options reviewed below. These scoreboards will simplify tracking scores and allow for free fun with friends.

Dart is a popular game that’s growing in popularity by the day. The dart is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to play with friends, but what about if you’re looking for a Dart scoreboard to track your progress? This article will review some of the best Dart scoreboards on the market to make the best decision for your needs.

What are dart boards?

Dartboards are a type of electronic dartboard used for playing the game of darts.

They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used with soft or hard darts. Dartboards are typically mounted on a wall or cabinet and can be used by experienced dart players and beginners.

Types of dart boards

There are many types of dart boards on the market, each with unique features. This article will discuss the different types of dart boards and their advantages and disadvantages.

The three main types of dart boards are bull’s-eye, spider, and target. Bull’s-eye boards are designed to be as close to perfect as possible; they have a smaller target area and more rounded corners than other types of boards.

Spider boards have a larger target area and more angular corners, making them popular among experienced players. Target boards have a large target area with straight edges, making them suitable for beginner players.

Bull’s-eye Boards:


-Very close to perfect shooting experience -Rounded corners make it easy to hit targets -Smaller target makes it easier to line up shots. Disadvantages:

-Not as popular among experienced players -More challenging to hit smaller targets -Can be harder to see your shot in dim light

Spider Boards:


-Large target area -More angular corners make it easier to hit smaller targets -Larger target makes it more visible in dim light -More popular among experienced players Disadvantages:

-Can be more challenging to move around -Can be harder to hit larger targets -More challenging to clean than other boards

Target Boards:


-Large target area -Straight edges make it easy to see your shot -Good for beginner players. Disadvantages:

It is not as close to perfect as other boards -It can be harder to line up shots

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Dartboards for beginners

Dartboards for beginners come in all shapes and sizes, but the best ones are easy to use and keep track of your score. The best dart boards also have electronic timers, backlights, and built-in sensors that keep track of your accuracy.

Here are our picks for the best dart boards for beginners.

  • Skyline Dartboard – This is an excellent option for beginners because it’s easy to use and has many features. It comes with electronic timers and backlights, so you can easily see your score at all times. Plus, it has built-in sensors that keep track of your accuracy, so you know how well you’re doing.
  • JB dart board – This is another great option for beginners because it’s easy to use and has many features. It comes with electronic timers and backlights, so you can easily see your score at all times. Plus, it has built-in sensors that keep track of your accuracy, so you know how well you’re doing.
  • Viking Dart Board – The Viking Dart Board is an excellent option for experienced players and beginners because it’s easy to use and has many features. It comes with electronic timers and backlights, so you can easily see your score at all times. Plus, it has built-in sensors that keep track of your accuracy, so you know how well you’re doing.
  • Dart Zone – The Dart Zone is an excellent option for experienced players and beginners because it’s easy to use and has many features. It comes with electronic timers and backlights, so you can easily see your score at all times. Plus, it has built-in sensors that keep track of your accuracy, so you know how well you’re doing.

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Dartboards for experienced players

Are you looking for the best dart board for experienced players?

You’ve come to the right place! In this blog section, we’ll look at some of the top dart boards on the market for those looking to put in some serious practice.

We’ve covered you, from large-screen boards for groups of friends to high-tech options perfect for competitive play. So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, check out our picks for the best dart boards!

The best dart boards for different types of players

If you are looking for a dartboard that is perfect for your game style, you will want to consider the other players that might be using it. Whether you are a beginner just starting or an experienced player who wants to up their game, a dart board is made for you.

We have put together a list of the best dart boards for different types of players so that you can find the perfect one for your needs:

  • Beginner Dart Boards: We recommend getting a beginner dart board if you are starting and don’t know how to play. These boards are designed specifically for new players and usually come with easy-to-follow instructions. They also tend to be cheaper than other boards, making them a great option if you are on a budget.
  • Intermediate Dart Boards: If you are someone who has been playing darts for a while but wants to up your game, we recommend getting an intermediate dart board. These boards are designed for intermediate players who want to improve their skills. They usually come with more challenging levels of gameplay, which can help you reach your goals.
  • Professional Dart Boards: We recommend getting a professional dart board if you are a professional dart player. These boards are designed specifically for pro players and usually come with more challenging levels of gameplay. They are also more expensive than other boards but worth it if you want the best experience possible.
  • Tournament-Grade Dart Boards: We recommend getting a tournament-grade board if you are looking for the best dart board for tournament play. These boards are designed to withstand the rigors of competition and usually come with more challenging levels of gameplay. They are also more expensive than other boards, but they are worth it if you want to win games.

Whatever type of player you are, we hope our list of the best dart boards for different players has helped you find the perfect board for your needs. Happy playing!

The best darts for a dart board

Finding the perfect dart board can be difficult, especially for affordable and high-quality.

That’s where our list of the best dart boards comes in. We’ve researched and tested many dart boards to find the best for your game and wallet.

If you’re new to darts, we recommend checking out our beginner’s guide first. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, we have a board that will fit your needs. Once you understand what it takes to play well, look at our list of the best dart boards for each player level.

No matter your skill level, we have a board that will give you the competitive edge you need to become a better player. So don’t wait any longer – start shopping for the best dart board today!

What is a perfect game of darts 301?

Dartboards come in different shapes and sizes, with additional features that can make the game more enjoyable.

A perfect game of darts starts with a good dart board. A good dart board has a large surface area, so you can easily hit all your darts. It also has a well-designed scoring system so that you can track your progress throughout the game.

Another important factor when choosing a Dart Board is the dart thrower’s distance from the board. The closer you are to the dartboard, the more accurate your throws will be. However, if you are too close to the board, your hand will shake and lose accuracy.

Finally, make sure to buy a Dart Board that is comfortable to use. Most boards come with padding on the back and sides, so you can sit or stand comfortably while playing.

What is the highest three-dart score possible?

Am I seeking a dart board to help you achieve the highest possible score? Look no further than the Best Dart Scoreboards. These boards give you the best possible experience while playing darts.

Best Dart Scoreboards come in various sizes and styles, so there will surely be one that meets your needs.

Some features common to all Best Dart Scoreboards are high-quality construction, easy-to-use controls, and fast response times.

Overall, the Best Dart Scoreboards are some of today’s best dart boards.

They offer excellent quality, performance, and value for your money. So, if you’re looking for a board to help you achieve the highest possible score, look no further than the Best Dart Scoreboards!

What are three triple 20s in darts?

Triple S is a scoring system used in darts. Triple s stands for a score, double, and single.

Triple S is a scoring system used in darts. Triple s stands for a score, double, and single. In triples, each player throws three darts.

The player who scores the most points with their three darts (score, double, and single) is the winner of the game.

What is the easiest way to score darts?

Then hit four 20 and the third to close. Take heed to this.

What is the highest three-dart score possible?

The maximum number of points on a dart is 180 in each round. All 3 of your darts land on this three-segment dart board. 180 also translates into Ton 80.

Where do you hang a dart scoreboard?

Find a place for you. Hang your dartboard near low-traffic areas with hardly anything blocking it—home about a foot below your head. Allow up to 20 feet of throw space.

How do you keep track of the dartboard?

The scorecard for darts should be positioned at 45° of the board. Scoreboards can be seen on the pitch line. Along with the dart scoreboard, you’ll need it for keeping score.

What is the scoring on a dartboard?

The players start from 502. The player’s overall score will be determined and taken from the player’s total. Bullseye scores 501. The outer rings score 26, and the double or triple circle darts score twice as many segments.

Is there an app to keep score for darts?

The Score Darts app is the most potent dating app on the internet. Score against other players or practice your darter by challenging the SmartBot that will monitor your previous performances in a very close competition!


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The choice of the scoreboard will come down to your preference, but we can see the variety of strengths and weaknesses among them. Some may be attracted to the straightforward, classic design of Viper’s selection of chalk scoreboards that provide necessities for playing the game.

Others may still find dry-erase options from multiple manufacturers listed above as a more fruitful investment. Especially ones that offer additional options, such as the lit-up scoreboard we noted above. Those who want a more tech-focused choice also have a few digital scoreboards on offer.

They are very well equipped to boot, with excessive options and quality of life. Your purchase will depend on what you aim for, but no matter which one you pick from the scoreboards above, you are bound to have a great time with friends and family while playing any form of dart game.

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