What Beginners To Soft Tip Dartboard Need To Know
What Beginners To Soft Tip Dartboard Need To Know

Soft-tip dartboards are both decently varied and ubiquitously useful. The most frequently shared trait is that they are electronic dartboards; this provides instant scoring from the dartboard itself and showcases your score on its LCDs.

Now for actual types of soft-tip dartboards, we have the following. Keep in mind they can overlap:

Types of Soft Tip Dartboards

  • Electronic- provide the benefits above but requires electricity to work. Usually not suited for steel tip darts but rather specialized for soft tip ones.
  • E-bristle- stands for electronic bristle. Due to its design, it can accommodate both steel and soft-tip darts.
  • Online- can be tied to previous design types. This type allows you to play with people over the internet and tracks most of the stats through corresponding apps.
  • Cabinet- can overlap with previous models. The dartboard is located inside a cabinet with doors usually used for dart storage and display positioning.
  • Rubber is less present and usually used for areas where you can’t risk any damage as they come with safety tips with no sharp angles.

Soft Tip Darts


Soft Tip Darts – Features

Soft tip darts are simple and lightweight, allowing easy throws and enjoyable play. Critical features for them are:

  • Low chance of damaging walls and furniture
  • Quick and cheap tip replacement
  • Don’t require much power to throw



Leading manufacturers of soft tip darts best manufacturers include:

  • Viper
  • MAX
  • Arachnid
  • QMC


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Soft tip darts themselves have multiple different categories that impact dart’s use. Weight is one of those and is pretty straightforward. It affects how hard you have to throw the dart and balance the dart itself. In terms of weight, soft-tip darts provide the following:

  • 16 gram
  • 17 gram
  • 18 gram
  • 19 gram
  • 20 gram

It is important to note that some models allow weight adjustment, switching the options above with the same set.

Usually, you want to pick a weight depending on how good you are at the game. Light ones are great to start learning the game with and building up to higher-weight ones.

The style of their tip can also separate them:

  • Rubber tip darts are made for simple and purely enjoyable games with no sharp tip that could cause injuries or damage. They are perfect for kids learning the game or popping them inside an office.
  • Regular soft-tip darts have plastic tips made to enter a variety of dartboards with no issue and be compatible with most target surfaces.

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Soft Tip Darts Materials

The last big divide can be done in terms of the metals the darts are composed of. This alters their durability and composure. Metals that are most frequently used include:

  • Tungsten is used for its high weight-to-volume ratio. The more tungsten used, the slimmer the dart
  • Aluminum darts are somewhat standard for middle levels of experience.
  • Brass darts are great for beginners due to their weight
  • Nickel silver is used due to its solid and durable nature

Now that you know more about darts, let’s look into some dartboards.


Best Soft Tip Dart Boards

Viper by GLD Products 777 Electronic Dartboard Sport Size

Viper by GLD Products 777 Soft Tip Dartboard Sport

Viper’s first entry on the list comes from this plastic dartboard with a simple display and setup. Regulation-sized 15.5” electronic dartboard target area is incredibly durable, while its segment holes are precision engineered to provide proper shot locking. The rigid, thick segments offer excellent durability. The item contains 43 games to play, among which you will find 01, cricket, and their more unique variants.

Apart from more popular games, you can find some less present ones and 320 scoring options, a hefty amount of modification for every game of darts. Please bring your friends and try some of them out with the 8-player limit and automatic scoring, which makes the game flow much faster than usual.

It also has English and Spanish language options, a less necessary but valuable feature. Accessories include throw line measuring tape, throw line, and six starter soft tip darts.


  • Regulation-sized board
  • 43 games and 320 scoring options
  • Bilingual option
  • Intelligent design


  • It can be slightly harder to pull out darts

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Fat Cat Mercury Electronx Dartboard

Fat Cat Mercury Electronx Dartboard

Segments on this Fat Cat electronic dartboard are of top quality and will lock in your shots properly. The electronic dartboard itself is very compact at 13.5”. Ultra-thin spider on this board and its extended catch ring will provide easy scoring to any player. Fat Cat Electronx dartboard offers 34 games for up to 8 people.

Accessories on this dartboard are plentiful. The games themselves have over 180 scoring options to pick from on their options menu. The sleek cabinet doors with built-in dart storage look good and provide a way to store and organize your setup.

The package includes everything necessary to start the game, from six soft-tip darts to an AC adapter. Mounting hardware is part of the package as well, making setup a breeze.


  • Compact design
  • 34 games and 180 scoring options
  • Sleek cabinet design and storage options


  • Darts stick harder can be solved with stubby tips

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Fat Cat Electronic Dartboard

Fat Cat soft tip electronic Dartboard

Another cabinet by Fat Cat maintains excellent design aspects of the former one while providing its unique traits to the mix. So top-quality segments are still here as well as the compact style of the board. Its cabinet is of sleek design and has the usual six-dart storage. The dartboard has two additional displays to showcase current scores and settings. The doors contain a different show that acts as a giant cricket scoreboard. Fitting well into a lot of interiors and provides an excellent addition to your home’s style.

As for games, you can expect 28 different ones that accommodate eight players. The Electronix accessories include six starters, soft-tip darts, mounting hardware, six spare tips, and an AC adapter.


  • It has 28 different games and 150 scoring options
  • Enhanced scoring
  • Top-quality segments


  • Work best with low weights

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Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 300 Soft-Tip Electronic Dartboard

The electronic dartboard by Arachnid is made for sports and enjoyment. The target’s yellow, red and black colors showcase great visual design and have ample visibility. For following the game and keeping track of the score, we have a LED display with plenty of space, providing high clarity to your games and scoreboard. It also has micro-thin segment dividers that dramatically reduce bounce-outs during your games.

Along with that computer, the voice feature calls out recorded names to announce the current player’s turn, avoiding any possible confusion. Dartboard contains 36 games with 170 options with seven cricket variants, allowing for a decent game choice. As for players, 8 is the limit of people who can play at once, so your family and friends can join in on the fun.


  • Great visibility
  • Large LED
  • 36 games and 170 options


  • Slight lag in scoring

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Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet

Bullshooter’s entry has a 13.5” target area on its e-bristle target and allows for steel and soft tip dart play. The cabinet has a sizeable door-mounted cricket display made in a pub-style format. You have 34 games to pick from on this item, a decent number of picks. There are also 183 level variations, keeping games fresh and new even after dozen hours of play. The dartboard includes solo play and a heckler feature.

The Bullshooter Maxx Cabinet includes built-in dart holders and two soft-tip darts. Solly play allows you to practice your game or fill in those dull days, while the heckler feature adds a more competitive spirit. Alternatively, you can use the heckler feature as a fun way to enhance friendly matches with some trash talk.


  • Compact target area
  • Steel and soft tips dart compatible
  • Heckler feature
  • Solo play feature


  • The mounting hanger needs to be adjusted, and slightly more setup work

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Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard

Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard

The regulation-sized 15.5” target face allows for a perfect dart-throwing experience for newbies who get used to the bigger dartboard and more experienced players who can practice for more professional game tiers by using this dartboard. Two extra-large displays simultaneously showcase up to four-player scores and can be discerned from a distance.

The simple interface of this dartboard streamlines your dart experience and displays the average point per dart for the player. Whopping 43 games and over 300 options come with the dartboard itself. You and your friends will have plenty of opportunities to go through this eight-player dartboard. As a side note, it also possesses bilingual voice options with English and Spanish options. Additional accessories include six starters, soft-tip darts, spare tips, mounting hardware, and an AC adapter.


  • It has six dart holders
  • Simple interface for configuring games
  • 43 games and 300 options


  • Higher-weight darts can rough it up


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Viper by GLD Products Neptune Electronics

Viper by GLD products Neptune Electronics

The intelligent design present on Neptune’s dartboard is firmly presented through its target-tested challenging segments with ultra-thin spiders to boot. The display doesn’t lag when it comes to proper design. The board’s spider allows for tighter shot groupings and a larger surface area, increasing the landed shots’ ratio. Apart from its durability, we also get a reduced number of bounce-outs.

The large four-person LCD on the dartboard lets you see four players’ scores simultaneously; they will be presented with numeric values or cricket symbols. Due to its size, the screen remains visible even from the throw line. You can use the options button to configure difficulty settings and game variations. You can also adjust for fumbled throws in case the dart’s tip makes it bounce out, out, or the player misses the target.


  • Four-person LCD scoreboard
  • Adjust for misses and bounce-outs
  • Intelligent design


  • Darts with boards have fragile tips, which can be easily replaced.

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Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard

Viper Solar Blast Electronic Dartboard

The Solar Blast is a giant dartboard that’s made to withstand years’ worth of play. The trademark target-tested challenging nylon segments from Viper employ great endurance for the dartboard. This extra-large dartboard has four sets of dart holders, holding 12 in total, allowing easy storage and display of your accessories.

The interface for configuring games has 11 silver buttons to help you quickly adjust it to your wished parameters. These include the ability to note bounce-outs, play against the computer, and many others. Whopping 16 player limit makes this an excellent option for anybody who frequently plays with a large group of people. Pick from 43 games and 187 options available with this dartboard. e.


  • Holders for up to 12 darts
  • 11 buttons for configuration
  • 43 games and 187 options
  • Up to 16 players


  • It rarely glitches out for a few seconds

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Viper Vtooth 1000 Online Electronic Dartboard

Viper Vtooth 1000 Online Electronic soft tip Dartboard
Viper Vtooth 1000 Online Electronic Dartboard

Vtooth 1000 has a straightforward design. It is a dartboard without a cabinet and a minor area below its target for display. Vtooth has concave segment holes that lock in your shots for a better scoring experience. There are built-in dart holders on both sides that hold six darts total, three on each side. The defining trait of this dartboard, however, is its online compatibility.

The dartboard supports the free Viper Darts Linkup app with 16 games available. The multiplayer feature helps up to 4 players, and the scoreboard app can utilize a quick play feature to get you into the game quickly. Bluetooth support is included with Vtooth 1000, so make sure to use that for your Bluetooth devices. Accessories of this package have mounting hardware for quick setup, six soft tip starter darts, and a one-year warranty.


  • Online play
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Quick setup
  • Great design


  • App has some glitches that are quickly solved by turning the app on and off.

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Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 5.0 Series Electronic Dartboard

Bullshooter Cricket Maxx 5.0 Series Electronic Dartboard

The e-bristle board on this Bullshooter item will play steel and soft darts, which you can try out because sets of both types are included with the package. The door-mounted LED has an expansive cricket display for quick reference during games. The entire wood cabinet and built-in dart holders are ideal for game rooms, giving an excellent addition to your interior.

There are 37 games and 210 level variations on Bullshooter CricketMaxx. Apart from that, it has solo play and heckler features which are always lovely to see. Accessories include the steel above and soft tip darts, 6 of each, extra tips, and an AC adapter.


  • Works with steel and soft tips
  • 37 games and 210 level variations
  • Great cabinet design


  • Corners of the board have issues catching darts

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Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

The light-up dartboard by Viper, Ion dartboard, provides motion-integrated games and a cyber-player mode. It is very durable and can withstand your most brutal throws. It includes 48 games with 315 variants for tons of ways to play. The board consists of 17 exclusive light-based games with optional moving target games.

The multiplayer mode allows for up to 8 players, or you can play against a cyber-player. This is playing against the CPU, which is excellent for practicing your throws alone. The components included are six starter darts and mounting hardware.


  • Solo play feature
  • 48 games and 315 variants
  • 17 exclusive light-based games
  • Light-up dartboard


  • Darts included aren’t too good

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If you’re a beginner to the game of soft tip dartboard, there are a few things that you need to know to have a successful time playing.

In this article, we’ll outline some of the basics that all beginners should know to have a good time playing.

What is a Soft Tip Dartboard?

A soft-tip dartboard is a type of dartboard that is designed for beginners. This type of dartboard has smaller, smoother darts that are easier to throw. Soft-tip dartboards are also less expensive than other types of dartboards.

How a Soft Tip Dartboard Works

A soft-tip dartboard is a great way to have fun and learn how to play darts. The board has holes in it that line up with the dart flights. When you throw a dart, the dart will bounce off the board and hit one of the target markers.

This allows beginners to aim and throw darts without using a traditional dartboard.

Basic Rules of Darting

If you’re a beginner, there are some basic rules you need to know about darts. First and foremost, you need to know how to hold the dart. It would help if you kept it with your thumb on top and your four fingers around the shaft. Next, you need to know how to throw the dart.

Hold the dart in your fist with your index finger sticking out and your thumb behind it. Now, bend your elbow and extend your arm straight. Throw the dart by pulling back on the handle until it’s fully developed, then release it quickly.

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How to Score on a Soft Tip Dartboard

If you’re a beginner at soft tip darting, you’ll want to know the basics of scoring. To score on a soft tip dartboard, you must make two bull’s-eyes (or three if the board has more accurate than average points).

Once you’ve made two bull’s-eyes, any subsequent darts will count as bonus points.

Here are some tips to help you score well on a soft-tip dartboard:

  • Aim for the center of the target. This will help you hit your targets more consistently.
  • Keep your arms and shoulder stationary while throwing. This will help ensure that your darts stay in the air and reach their target quickly.
  • Stay calm and collected while playing; mistakes are part of the game!
  • Take your time and aim carefully; each dart counts.
  • If you miss your target, don’t get discouraged! Try again and keep practicing until you feel comfortable scoring points on a soft-tip dartboard.

Remember, the more you play, the better you’ll get at scoring on a soft-tip dartboard!

Tips for Better Performance

When it comes to dating, there are a few things that beginners need to know to improve their game. One of the most important things is ensuring that your darts are appropriately weighted and tuned.

Dartboards can also affect your performance, so ensure you get the right size for you and your team. Here are some tips for better performance on a soft-tip dartboard:

How far away for soft-tip darts?

Soft Tip darts work with a smooth foam dart board with more minor bumps. The distance between the player and the dartboard is essential for an excellent soft-tip game.

Do soft-tip darts damage walls?

Yes, soft-tip darts can damage walls if not properly thrown. When thrown improperly, soft-tip darts can hit the wall so hard that they can cause damage.

Are 28g darts too heavy?

Soft-tip darts are an excellent option for beginners who want to start playing darts. However, they can be a little heavy for some people.

If you’re new to darts and considering buying soft-tip darts, you should know they can be heavy.

This is because soft-tip darts are made with a lighter shaft than regular darts. This makes them easier to throw, but it also means that they’re a bit more challenging to hold.

If you’re not used to carrying a lot of weight, you might find that the importance of the soft tip darts is too much for you.

In this case, you could try buying regular darts instead. They’re a bit heavier, but they’re also much easier to hold and throw.


What is the best weight for soft-tip darts?

There isn’t a definitive answer regarding the best weight for soft-tip darts, as this will depend on various factors. However, lighter weights will generally be more responsive and allow for more accurate shooting.

Conversely, heavier weights will provide more stability and make it easier to stand up to repeated strikes.

Ultimately, finding a weight that feels comfortable and allows for accurate dart throwing is essential.

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Dartboards listed above all offer a variety of choices for you no matter what you aim for. Be it high game count, particular features, or sturdy construction. There are loads of good aspects of laid-out dartboards.

What truly offers a great experience with these is that they fit into your room with a slight issue due to their simple designs and, in some cases, compact target areas. Make sure to pick up the one you are most interested in and play darts.

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