Gran Board 2 vs 3 Which Dartboards are Better
Gran Board 2 vs 3 Which Dartboards are Better

The game of darts is a unique and competitive game that needs skill for aiming. The dartboard has a great shape and design, perfect for improving your aiming skills. Providing an ideal aim requires constant practice with a dartboard.

Playing darts helps to strengthen your hand and eye coordination. It also helps to relieve a lot of stress off your mind and body, keeping you relaxed. So, let’s look at Gran Board 2 vs. three and choose better.

The Gran Board 2 has an excellent build and allows its users to enjoy the game to the optimal level. This dartboard is suitable for tournaments and has Bluetooth connectivity for practical use.

The Gran Board 3 is a LED Bluetooth Dartboard that is great for amateurs and seasonal players. It comes with a unique and beautiful design. The Gran Board 3 ensures you have a secured connection whenever it is in use. Its LED lighting makes playing pleasing and entertaining.

Gran Board 2 vs 3

Gran Board 2 vs. 3 – Similarities

Quick Glance



Gran Board 2 and Gran Board 3 are made of high-quality plastic materials. They have a unique shape and numbering. They’re built with durable materials and exceptional engineering; this dartboard offers long-lasting use. They are designed to keep the sound lower whenever they are used. Both dartboards are portable and easy to store.

They come with a mounting screw to firmly ensure the boards are mounted to the wall. The Gran Board 2 and the Gran Board 3 come with darts. These darts come with soft tips for easy use. The delicate information doesn’t damage the board’s surface when used. The Gran Board 2 and the Gran Board 3 come with 22.5″ x 22.5″ x 1″ dimensions.


Both devices come with Bluetooth technology for effective connectivity to your smartphone and SmartTV. The boards have an application that allows you to read your stats and play different games. This application is connected to the board through the Bluetooth feature.

The application can be downloaded and installed from the application store, and once the application is downloaded, follow the steps and install it on your phone. After installing the application, you can enjoy playing with players worldwide or video conferencing with opponents. Also, you can play with a computer opponent if there’s no one to play with.

Gran Board 2 Comparison


The installation of both devices is similar. After purchasing the board, it can be placed in a suitable place in your room. Both devices require hanging on the wall. Installing these boards on the outdoor premise of your house is also feasible. The panels can also be placed in an area with sufficient lighting.


The application of both devices keeps a wide array of statistics for every game you play. These statistics allow you to know whether you’re improving your aiming skills.


Gran Board 2 and Gran Board 3 require two AA batteries for operation. Both devices will require a battery life that’s good for long-lasting use. The batteries can be replaced when they’re down. Rechargeable AA batteries can also operate the board delivering stable service.


The boards are compatible with iOS (iOS 7 and above, iPad 3 and above, and iPad Touch 5th Generation or later), Android OS v4.3 or later, and Android Smart TV.

Differences Between Gran Board 2 vs. Gran Board 3

So, let’s take a look at their differences.



Gran Board 3 comparison

  • The Gran Board 2: This dartboard comes with an 8.1 pounds weight.
  • The Gran Board 3: This dartboard comes with a 6.2 pounds weight.

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Other features

Gran Board 3 Review

  • The Gran Board 2: This board doesn’t have a USB-powered connection or LED display.
  • The Gran Board 3: This board can also be powered by a USB 1.5A or more excellent outlet. It comes with colorful and exciting LED lights.

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Pros and Cons

Before our final verdict, we will review a few pros and cons of Gran Board 2 and Gran Board 3.


Gran Board 2

Gran Board 2


  • It comes with great gaming modes.
  • It has excellent built quality.
  • It is easy to mount on the wall.


  • No inbuilt LED light.



Gran Board 3

Gran Board 3


  • It comes with an outstanding design.
  • It delivers a good battery life and LED lights.
  • It comes with a secure connection.


  • The USB port could get damaged if it’s not managed correctly.


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What are the Advantages of Gran Board 2?

Gran Board 2 is a dartboard made of high-quality wood with a traditional design. It has several advantages over other dartboards.

The main advantage of Gran Board 2 is that it is a more durable board. Other boards may break after a few uses, while Gran Board 2 will last for years.

Gran Board 2 also has a better grip than other boards. This makes it easier to hit the bull’s eye and improve your game.

Last but not least, Gran Board 2 comes with a free case. This makes it easy to store and transport your board.

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What are the Advantages of Gran Board 3?

Many different types of dartboards are available on the market, and deciding which is the best for you can be challenging. The Gran Board 3 is popular because it has many advantages over other boards.

One of the main advantages of Gran Board 3 is its accuracy. This board is designed to give you consistent throws every time you play, which is essential if you want to improve your game.

Another advantage of the Gran Board 3 is its durability. This board is built to last, and it will not break easily. In addition, this board is also easy to clean. You can remove the darts and wipe down the surface with a damp cloth if necessary.

If you are looking for an excellent dartboard to help you improve your game, the Gran Board 3 should be at the top of your list.

What is the Difference Between Gran Board 2 and Gran Board 3?

Gran Board 3 is a newer, updated version of Gran Board 2. The main difference is that Gran Board 3 has a built-in camera and speaker so that you can communicate more easily with other board members or instructors. It also has a wider variety of materials and tools to create more complex boards.

Gran Board 2 and Gran Board 3 are great tools for creative learning, but if you’re looking for an enhanced experience, Gran Board 3 is the way to go.

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The Final Verdict

The Gran Board 2 and the Gran Board 3 are unique boards built with sturdy and high-quality materials. They are suitable for friends and families. These boards have several unique features and can be operated with AA batteries. They can be connected through Bluetooth to their application for playing games. The Gran Board 2 and the Gran Board 3 are compatible with most Apple, Android, and Smart TVs.

After considering their features, we chose the Gran Board 3 as the better option. Several similarities exist between Gran Board 2 and Gran Board 3. The Gran Board 3 was better based on its light-weighted design, LED lighting, and USB-powered connection. The board produces less noise with its durable foam. It also comes with plenty of games with online play.

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